As a former president of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota and founder of the Knitters Guild of Minnesota I spent a previous lifetime as a hand knitter, spinner and weaver. Though I still work with fiber my attention turned to clay and learning how to throw, alter, glaze and fire during the late 1990’s. There was just something so compelling about working in clay that drew my attention away from fiber to ceramic art.

Now nearly 20 years later my work is inspired by the Irish countryside; it’s geography and environment. The colors are subtle but striking along the well worn paths and the waterside; shades of purple flowers (bláthanna corcra), the blue skies and water (spéartha gorma agus farraigí), the yellow and orange snails (na seilidí buí agus oráiste), the greens of plants and trees (na plandaí agus na crainn ghlasa) and the rocks in shades of white, grays and black along the way (scáthláin de charraigeacha bána, liath agus dubha). Unforgettable images of color!

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